Surface Pro 2 Is Another Missed PC Gaming Opportunity for Microsoft

Surface Pro 2 Adalah Sebuah terjawab PC Gaming Peluang untuk Microsoft


The symmetry could have been perfect.

On the same day that Microsoft revealed its high-end PC hybrid, dubbed the Surface Pro 2, Valve announced SteamOS, a platform for Linux-based game consoles. PC gaming has been so good to Valve and its popular Steam service that the company is now using that strength to attack living room consoles. I half-expected Microsoft to recommit to PC gaming in response.

Only it didn’t happen that way. Despite the power of the Surface Pro 2, gaming barely got a mention at Microsoft’s press conference–let alone any kind of unique hook for PC gamers. If Microsoft has any ambitions to attack Steam on its main turf (which happens to be Microsoft’s operating system), we didn’t get the slightest whiff.

Certainly, the Surface Pro 2 will have some gaming chops. It promises a 50 percent boost in graphics performance and a 20 percent increasing…

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