Hot New Videos/ Tracks This Week.

Hot New Videos/ Tracks This Week.


Daft Punk – Lose Yourself To Dance
This video is everything it’s supposed to be here; glitzy, sequined fun with a decidedly retro look to compliment the disco tinged track. You want a little more to happen, but maybe that’s the way it should be; just like a disco dance floor; all smoke and mirrors with a seducing beat.

Bullion – Time for us all to Love
And speaking of retro vibes, this video is the real deal. Originally released back in 2011, it’s still well worth a look. A test compilation of 70s dancefloors are hypnotizing to say the least. Dope track as well thanks to London based dj/producer Nathan Jenkins.

Claptone – No Eyes ft. Jaw (Just Kiddin Remix)
Awesome audio landscapes that build up an intense atmosphere thanks to minimal guitar and piano riffs with great gritty vocals are hard not to bow down to. The church…

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